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BACKSTAGE HANDBOOK: An Illustrated Almanac of Technical Information

By Paul Carter, illustrated by George Chiang


Published by
Broadway Press


First published in 1988, Backstage Handbook is one of the most widely used stagecraft textbooks in the United States, with about 10,000 copies sold every year. Below is a revision history to help answer questions about what is the most current edition. The ISBN number and information about printings can be found at the bottom of the copyright page in every book.

ISBN: 0-911747-09-5
Pages: 264 (numbered pages: 253)
Publication Date: Jan. 1988
Notes: this edition was in print for less than twelve months.

ISBN: 0-911747-14-1
Pages: 264 (numbered pages: 253)
Publication Dates: Aug. 1988; second printing, Sept. 1989; third printing, Nov. 1990; fourth printing, July 1991; fifth printing, July 1992; sixth printing, July 1993; seventh printing, April 1994

ISBN: 0-911747-29-X
Pages: 320 (numbered pages: 309)
Publication Dates: Dec. 1994; second printing, Sept. 1995; third printing, Nov. 1996; fourth printing, Feb. 1998

ISBN: 0-911747-39-7 or 978-0-911747-39-3
Pages: 320 (numbered pages: 309)
Copyright Date: 1994; fifth printing, March 1999; sixth printing, Aug. 2000; seventh printing, Oct. 2001; eighth printing, Aug. 2003; ninth printing, Sep. 2005; tenth printing, April 2007; eleventh printing, November 2008; twelfth printing, July 2010; thirteenth printing; January 2012.

Notes: the third edition was slightly revised, the price was increased, and the ISBN number was changed to 0-911747-39-7 for the fifth printing in 1999. This ISBN remains in effect for the remainder of the third edition.