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LIGHTING THE STAGE: Art and Practice, Third Edition

By Wilard F. Bellman

288 pages
ISBN: 0-911747-40-0

Published by
Broadway Press


Lighting the Stage: Art and Practice has been widely used as a textbook since its first publication in the early 1960s. The third edition has been extensively updated to account for the changes in technology, terminology, and design standards.

To evaluate this book for yourself, you are invited to download the following sample chapters.

Table of Contents and front pages

Chapter 1: Lighting as Art

Chapter 2: From Concept to Cues

Chapter 4: The Control Console

Chapter 6: Non-Incandescent Light Sources on Stage

Chapter 7: Controlling Light

Chapter 9: Light and Color

Chapter 11: Electricity

Chapter 13: Electrical Safety in the Theatre

Chapter 16: Projection Using Conventional Optical Systems

Chapter 18: Lighting Design in the Critical Review

Color Plates

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Title: Lighting the Stage: Art and Practice by Willard F. Bellman
ISBN: 0-911747-40-0
Price: $29.95 (list)
Publisher: Broadway Press (800-869-6372)



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